Do you climb trees?

Yes! Most trees however are more easily cared for by using our Teupen Arial Lift. We won’t bring unnecessary equipment out to job sites though, so if your job is best done by climbing, we will certainly provide that service!

Do you spray trees?

No. The application of chemicals is a science that must be expertly monitored and done frequently in order to have any success. This can be costly and often ends up with the tree succumbing to the original problem anyway.  The bottom line is, we wouldn’t want to sell you anything we wouldn’t buy ourselves.

Do you rent your equipment?

No. It is unsafe for anyone other that a professional to run any of our machines. Not only that but both our insurance company, and your life insurance company probably wouldn’t like that idea anyway. Leave the tree work to professionals!

Can you come to chip up all the brush I just made/clean up my yard rubbish?

No. We do not clean up your messes, or the messes left behind by other tree care companies/construction companies. We will be happy to remove small piles of brush while tending to your trees, but we simply will not clean up someone else’s mess.

Do you sell mulch?

Yes. However we rarely know what jobs will provide healthy loads of mulch until we get to a job and actually produce it. So if you would like to purchase it, you will have to wait on a list until some is available and let us know ahead of time where you would like the mulch pile to be left. When delivering mulch it is best if the area you have for dumping is close to the edge of the road, or driveway so we aren’t driving our heavy truck unnecessarily through your yard. Also note that the amount of mulch provided is about the same size as a VW Bug, we don’t size the mulch out by the bucket, what we have is what you get.  Please call us at our main number to receive pricing information and get on the list. Remember, everyone wants mulch in the spring, so the sooner you call, the better off you’ll be getting it in time for gardening season to begin!

Do you buy logs?

No. Logs, especially logs from in cities or towns are usually full of debris such as nails, rocks or bullets and are therefore worthless when you consider milling them. Trying to mill a log full of shrapnel is a good way to ruin your blades, mill teeth, and just generally waste time, energy and money. As a rule we do not buy any log because of this.

Will you take this down for the wood?

No. This is directly related to the last question about purchasing logs, and is simply not a service we offer. No tree, even if you have the ‘tallest, straightest, prettiest walnut tree in the state,’ is worth the expense of driving out, spending a day removing your tree for you for free, and bringing back.  Real tree care companies do not provide this service under any circumstances.

Do you have insurance?

Yes! We are insured with Pekin Insurance and can provide proof of insurance upon request to any client who wishes to see it. Just ask and we’ll have it sent to you!